People - Peter Davies

Peter Davies is a Special Advisor to Otus and is CEO and Founder of Airline Management Group, a business formed in 2015 to provide airline and aviation turnaround expertise. Peter is an experienced Chief Executive of airlines and a Chair and Non-Executive Director of customer and business services companies, fostering and protecting shareholder value. Serving as CEO of five companies and as Board Director for more than 30 years. Currently the Chairman of Airlink, a former elected Member of IATA͛ as Board of Governors, his achievements include:
- Establishing DHL Express Services as a major player in expanding European markets, and turning around its business in both North and South America.
- Restructuring Air Malta, a highly political and strategic asset for an economy dependent on tourism, saving it from bankruptcy, navigating EU politics and delivering profitability.
- Closing and launching an airline for the Trinidadian Government in just three months, ensuring the sustainable connectivity of the islands into the future.
- Empowering Airlink, an aviation industry disaster relief coordinating body, to grow its finances and capacity and provide a more responsive service at times of need.


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